Meet Dr. Winn!

Hello and howdy!  I’m not gonna turn this into a brag sheet, so I’ll suffice to say that I did get good grades and attended good schools.  And yes, I was “that girl” in school who sat in the front row with her hand up! Hahaha! That’s all I’m gonna say about past accomplishments. If you want to know more, just check out the wall of framed things in my office, or ask me in person.   

So now for the stuff you probably really care about and I love to talk about! Like how I construct a big , protective bubble around my office with no judgement or parent guilt allowed. Or how I will be your child’s advocate for good oral health, and am prepared to “duke it out” with obstacles that could prevent that. Or how myself and all those on my team, first and foremost, love young people, and know that they are not “short adults “.  Or even that I have friends who are jealous that I still jump out of bed every morning, eager to get to my office because I am still so passionate about pediatric dentistry. And heck, I live here in the same rural community you do. And I support the same local businesses, schools, and charities that touch both of our lives.    

In addition, I believe that all teeth and all people are created equal.  I often wish I had one tail or three hands so I could get more done in a day. I think Midwest cornfields are a thing of true beauty. I'm well known by my patients for wearing funky or sparkly sure to check my feet each time you see me!  Early in my adult life, I decided I’d rather marry a man with a heart of gold instead of buns of steel. (That’s a compliment, Brian!)  In retrospect, I am now really glad that I didn't allow anyone to strangle my teenagers years ago because I now know that grandkids are the best reward ever!  Most importantly, I don’t care what the Haters say—Tooth Fairy really exists!!!

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