New Patient Experience

What to expect as a New Patient in our office! 

  • Please dial 765-362-KIDS to speak with one of our fabulous team members. We will gather important information to get to know you and your children. This is the first building block to our relationship, which we hope is from diapers to diplomas. Before we end the call, we will mutually find a date and time the works best to meet you.
  • When the special day arrives, you will be greeted by our friendly business staff who will take you on a tour of our office and give you a sneak peek. We do ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes early as there will be paperwork that needs completed, and we want you to have plenty of time. Afterward, your tooth nurse will bring you into one of our private consult rooms to get to know you and truly listen to your concerns. 
  • Once taken to the clinic, your tooth nurse will show you exactly what they will do with one of our fun stuffed animals that have their own teeth! We may even need to take some awesome pictures of your teeth. Dr. Winn will then come over to take a look at your teeth and say some really big words. Do not worry though. we will explain everything to you!
  • After your trip to the clinic, you will head back into the consult room with your amazing tooth nurse who will explain everything that Dr. Winn did and saw. From there a personalized and amazing game plan will be made for your future visits.
  • You will finish up at one of the colored desks up front to schedule the next appointment/s. then you will be on your way with your super clean teeth and we will be so happy to see you again soon!!!

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